Shared API

Turn your mobile app into a platform.

Shared API turn your mobile app in a platform

Shared API

  • Share your data.
  • Receive messages.
  • Build your own set of RESTful API.

Share your data

The mobile world is connected. We want to push this to the next level.

Share data between all you applications, or with other developers.

You can share an entire collection or simply a filtered and aggregate view of your cloud database.

Share your Cloud Database data
Send messages to other mobile apps

Receive messages

We want to see mobile apps interacting with each other at a deeper level.

Shared APIs are Cloud Functions, you can use them to receive a message from another application and trigger an action in your mobile app.

By sharing data and functionality, two applications can cross promote and grow together.

Build your own set of RESTful API

Great online businesses are platforms. We want your mobile app to become a platform.

Having other developers building on top of your existing platform is key to future growth.

It's all about your end users - the more data and functionality they have access to the more they will interact with your app.

Create RESTful API for your mobile app

Have you read enough?

Now that you have a platform, learn to track your metrics with our mobile application analytics