Mobile Application Analytics

Improve your app by getting to know your users.

Mobile Application Analytics Service

Mobile Application Analytics

  • Know who your customers are.
  • Improve your app by getting to know them.
  • Keep track of the metrics that matter to you.

Know Your Customers

If your customers are using 10 different type of mobile devices to run your app. You should know about it.

You need to be aware of how much time users spend on your app.

The best part is that this involves no work on your part. Our Helper Classes collect this data for you in the background.

Get To Know Your Customers
Improve Your Application

Improve Your Application

Customer feedback is awesome. However, users do not always share their criticisms.

With our analytics you can track how users navigate in your app. If they are all going to a screen that takes 5 clicks to reach, perhaps you should move it forward.

This insight could make the difference between success and failure for your application

Track Your Custom Metrics

Our analytics engine can do a lot. But if you have any special considerations, we've still got you covered.

You can track your own metrics by using our logging API. As many as you want. Just one line of code.

All of your custom metrics can then be charted in your management console.

Track Custom Metrics

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