Your Cloud Functions

Your code, on our cloud.

Your Code in the Cloud

Your Code in the Cloud

  • Manipulate your data on our servers.
  • Maintain your data periodically.
  • Fetch additional data from the net.

Manipulate Your Data

CloudFunctions are an extremely powerful tool to manage your data.

CloudFunctions have access to your Cloud Database. Use them to manipulate your data before returning it to your application.

A CloudFunction can also be associated with a collection and executed as a trigger.

Document Oriented Storage
Schedule Cloud Functions

Maintain Your Data

CloudFunctions can be scheduled to be executed at a specific time.

You can use scheduled CloudFunctions to maintain and clean up your data.

Using your management console you can keep an eye on your scheduled tasks and monitor eventual issues.

Fetch Data from the Net

Cloud Functions are a great tool to fetch data your application needs from the net.

Periodically read an RSS feed and save it in your Cloud Database for your application to access.

But really, it's PHP you are writing. What you do with it is only limited by your imagination.

Fetch Data from the Net

Have you read enough?

Cloud Functions are only a small part of the extensive set of functionality on