Your Cloud Database

All your data, organized, in one place.

Cloud Database Service

Cloud Database

  • Document oriented storage.
  • Advanced search, geolocation ready.
  • Large file attachments, made easy.

Document Oriented Storage

Your Cloud Database has a flexible schema. Collections do not enforce document structure.

Documents can be complex. Store two related pieces of data in a single document. Embed other objects or arrays.

All of your data sits in memory. This means that when you are looking for something it will retrieved and returned in milliseconds.

Document Oriented Storage
Geo Location Querying

Advanced Querying

Document oriented storage with all the power of SQL. Without having to know the language.

The search conditions could be as simple as field equal value to a set 100 nested and linked conditions.

You can run Geolocation search functions over your data.

All of our helper classes define objects to abstract the search conditions structure. One line of code and your are off.

File Attachments

Cool mobile applications work with pictures.

With our Cloud Database you can attach files to your documents. This way you keep referential integrity between your data and your files.

You can download any file from your Cloud Storage using the unique id from your collection.

Cloud Database File Attachments

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Your Cloud Database is extremely powerful. But wait until you see the rest.