Get Started with BlackBerry JDE

Download the BlackBerry JDE helper class

You can grab the full source of the Android helper class from our GitHub account.

Otherwise just download the jar library to include in your project.

Import the library in your project

If you downloaded the full source from our GitHub account then locate the cbhelper.jar file under the CBHelper/bin folder.

Copy the cbhelper.jar in your project's libs folder.

BlackBerry Java jar library directory

In Eclipse add the library to your Java Build Path. Open your project properties and on the left tab select "Java Build Path". In the buid path screen navigate to the Libraries section using the tabs at the top.

In the Libraries screen select "Add JARs..." and pick both jar files from your local folder.

BlackBerry Java app build path

Start using

Simply import the cloudbase package and initialize a new CBHelper object

import com.cloudbase.helper.*;

/ initialise the helper class with the application and 
// secret codes.
CBHelper myHelper = new CBHelper("my-app-code", "12123asdasd123sqwe12");
// set the application reference. This is used to return messsages
// back to the main thread once requests are completed
// set the application password