The Cloud Database for Unity 3d

The Cloud Database for Unity 3dRecently we have received a lot of requests for features and support from game developers. We now have hundreds of mobile games using our platform to store and retrieve savegames, top scores and in-game items. Our Cloud Database is the right tool for the job. Alongside our partners at PubNub we are the complete cloud solution for your mobile game.

Today we are taking one more step in supporting game developers by introducing the client library for Unity 3d. Like all other client libraries it is an open source project, released un the Apache 2 license, available on our GitHub account.

The C# Mono class is a port of the existing Windows Phone client library and uses the Unity 3d WWW and WWWForm objects to call our REST APIs. To serialize objects and parse json responses we have used the port to Unity of the JsonFX library by Aron Granberg.

The solution compiles to a DLL that can be included in any Unity 3d project. The CBHelper project requires a reference to the UnityEngine.dll library. This can be found under your Unity installation folder.

To utilize the StartCoroutine method of MonoBehaviour for asynchronous HTTP calls the library uses a Dispatcher singleton class implementing MonoBehaviour attached to an empty GameObject.

All of the API calls are available exactly as described in the Windows Phone Documentation pages. Getting started and making the first API calls after you have registered and created an application is incredibly simple.