as backend for .NET web servers

Microsoft.Net helper class by Russell BockhorstOne of our users has been working to integrate as a backend for both their .NET web server and multi-platform mobile applications. In order to achieve this, they had to port the existing Windows 8 helper class to plain server side .NET. This is precisely why we have decided to open source all of our client libraries. To give you, the developer, the freedom to modify, fork and adjust our libraries to suit your business needs. Check out what Russell B, from AppNotch has done with the .NET helper class library.

Russell has agreed to open-source its version of the helper class for .NET on his GitHub account.

This library is a modified version of the Windows 8 library that compiles to a pure .NET library. Some functionality is lost, such as registering for push notifications, logging navigation, and some geolocation features. However you can still send push notifications using this library. It was mainly created for use in a .NET web server.

Thanks to Russell, using with your .NET server is easy! Feel free to reuse Russell’s helper class and help him continue development. You rock, Russell!

It’s awesome meeting and working with great developers and we are always keen to help create a helper class for a new platform or language we don’t fully support. Fork out projects on GitHub, create your own, send us pull requests, run wild! Our development team can always be reached at to assist, anytime.