4G EE Hackathon weekend – what can’t you code in 36 hours?

cloudbase.io awarding prizes at 4G EE HackathonPulling an all-nighter! A few days ago, cloudbase.io, Pusher, PeerIndex and LinkedIn served as API sponsors at the 4GEE hackathon in London! Sleep was for the weak as over 100 developers ferociously coded well into the night.

The battle to build the best mobile application went on for 36 hours and the creative ideas and calibre of applications were truly impressive. That’s how we like to spend our weekends at cloudbase.io!

It ain’t just about games. Skilled, talented and passionate, developers were building disruptive mobile and web applications for private and public enterprise markets as well as augmented reality apps. They blew us away by producing cool mashups of all the API partner services. In one instance, they were using:

  • Pusher for their real-time data exchange,
  • cloudbase.io as a persistence layer in the backend, and
  • PeerIndex & LinkedIn to verify credibility and compatibility of their users

So what did the developers come up with?
The apps created included collaboration apps for live online meetings, location-aware applications allowing centralised management of a team of people on the road, augmented reality apps and services to help the healthcare sector deal with the growing number of emergency calls. It was awesome seeing all these amazing apps being built!

We were excited to be a part of such a great event and want to help developers build and improve their vision. So all participants received a FREE 6 months Basic account on cloudbase.io.

We picked three applications as winners for how they used our API, they will receive 12 months free hosting on the plan of their choice. To setup your new account, just contact us and mention the 4GEE Hackathon to enable the coupon on your cloudbase.io account.

4GEE Hackathon teams at work

Congratulations to all the winners and participants from cloudbase.io!

The cloudbase winners were:

  • Cloud Doctor
  • Command & Influence
  • Meetify

Happy coding,