4.5 billion smartphones by 2018 – don’t miss out

mobile subscriptions by region q1 2013

Ericsson has released its latest mobility report where it predicts there will be 4.5 billion smartphone subscriptions by 2018 – this opportunity is too big to miss.

Mobile phones have changed the face of technology over the past 6 years. When the first iPhone launched in 2007 an entire new market was created. The mobile apps market, similarly to the web applications market, has low barriers to entry and few deployment issues. Your application can be downloaded and used all over the world without requiring much effort on your side, other than that of building your software.

The smartphone revolution has opened the doors of a number of new geographical markets which were difficult to reach even for internet businesses. In fact, much of the developing world completely bypassed the PC opting to for online and  social media engagement via the mobile phone. The Economist published an interesting report on the subject last month.

As this market develops so do the opportunities for talented and ambitious individuals.

It is time to start thinking of your mobile application as a veritable business, not a simple one-off effort.

“Owing to the build out of WCDMA/HSPA, network speeds have improved, and so has the user experience,” says Ericsson’s Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy Douglas Gilstrap. He says that the company believes LTE subscriptions will surpass 1 billion in 2017, driven by devices that are capable of supporting more multimedia content.

Mobile phones are connected by their very nature, and with mobile internet connectivity developing and becoming increasingly faster, this is the time for connected mobile apps to seize their opportunity.

At cloudbase.io, we have seen this market develop first-hand and helped many mobile app developers execute on their vision. However, it seems that most are still thinking of their application as a one-off punt.

We have been executing on our vision of helping mobile developers turn their applications into profitable and lasting businesses. The first step of this was the release of the Shared API (GigaOM coverage).

There is much more to do for both us and you. We already give you access to the most powerful Cloud Database on the market and we are always looking at what you are doing to help you build better apps. We have been very interested in augmented reality, a field which is only in its infancy but is receiving more and more attention.

This is the time to build your mobile business and make it big in a market which is booming, and will keep booming for the foreseeable future.