App Store Optimization (ASO) – the New SEO

app store optimization - ASO

The success of your mobile app is important to us at And if your apps aren’t visible, we may as well all go home! So securing top rankings for your app is crucial. And ASO – or App Store Optimization – is the key to getting your app found.

A top 10 ranking for a free application can receive up to 80K downloads per day. The bad news? You’re on your own in reaching/hitting that top 10 ranking. Therefore, your app MUST be easy to find and quickly searchable by your target audience.

Exactly like SEO is fundamental for you to identify and attract website users, ASO will employ keywords that emphasise your application description, title and website.

Build a website for your application. A website extends your online presence, offers marketing opportunity and serves as a valuable resource for users seeking information. In terms of ASO, a key benefit is your ability to test keywords for your app. You can test this by keeping an eye on your natural and search driven traffic with Google Analytics.

Once you have identified and tested the keywords you can start writing the content for you app’s page on the app store - tools such as AppCodes and SearchMan can help you test your keywords effectiveness – AppTamin also published a great ASO cheat sheet you should probably look at.

Like SEO, keywords and phrases in the title of your app are important. It’s not certain whether the location in the title matters, but honest optimization is important. So make the title relevant to what the app is about. This is where you ask yourself, “what would I type in if I were looking for this app”.

The app description is really where you can expose all of the keywords you have chosen. Keep it readable and natural. We have no information on how the ranking algorithm works internally but if it is anywhere near as smart as Google’s it will catch you if you are only repeating keywords in an unreadable description.

The keywords field is, of course, very important. However, it is just as important not to go overboard on it. Keep it simple and use few keywords, only the most important ones you have identified for your app.

See you on the top 10!