MoSync goes cloudside

MoSync goes cloudsideToday marks the official start to the and MoSync partnership!

As announced in the latest MoSync newsletter, MoSync users will enjoy a free basic account for 6 months. Meanwhile, users will benefit from a MoSync Basic or Indie account free for an entire year.

How’s that for a great start to the weekend?

This partnership brings together two of the best tools to build great mobile applications.

Build and compile your app for all platforms in one fell swoop with MoSync – get connected, geo-location aware and social using the cloud platform.

Want to learn more about this awesome twosome? The and MoSync teams will be holding a university course about how to build cloud-connected mobile applications in minutes.

Our MoSync helper class gives you access to all of our APIs. Our award winning NoSql cloud database to store any object from your application, the power of Cloud Functions to run your backend code on our cloud infrastructure, Push notifications to all of the platforms supported by the MoSync SDK in one simple API call and mobile analytics about your application adoption and usage.

Use our Cloud Database to store files, such as images, from your application. Additionally all of the data can be geotagged and searched using geographic coordinates. This opens a number possibilities such as building augmented reality applications and location-based photo sharing mobile apps.

The MoSync helper class, like all our helper classes for other platforms, is open source and available on our GitHub account.

Claim your 6 months free basic account with write to us at

Claim your 12 months free subscription with MoSync, write to the